Weekly Newsletter - February 1

Decentraland's 2024 Manifesto is Out! A new, powerful and future-proofed client is on the horizon.

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‘Forging Foundations for the Future’ Set as Decentraland’s Theme for 2024

After a release-packed 2023, this year, the Foundation’s work will be driven by a forward-focused strategy, drawing on insights gained since Decentraland's 2020 launch, evolving market trends, community needs, and new technologies.

Centered around pivotal architectural changes, this plan lays the groundwork for Decentraland's future growth. In 2024, Foundation teams spanning from product development to marketing and all departments in between will align their efforts with 4 key goals:

  • Release a New, Advanced Desktop Client

  • Remove Entry Barriers For New Users

  • Invest in the Creation of Engaging Content

  • Support Community Growth

The primary objective of 2024 will be to construct and release the next generation of the Decentraland Client. A key component of the platform’s future foundation, a new Client is crucial to fulfilling the vision of a performant and immersive virtual social world. This new Client will be future-proof, capable of being adapted for alternative platforms—such as mobile and VR—while serving as an engine for high-quality creator tools.

Get ready, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for Decentraland with major changes already in motion!

Looking Back on Decentraland Wellness Week

Decentraland Wellness Week was amazing and so beautiful! Thank you to everyone who participated, meditated, and came to find their inner Zen. Make sure to see the watch video!


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