Weekly Newsletter - February 29

Multi-chain Marketplace support, add particles to your Emotes, DCL 4th Birthday, and more—see what's new in Decentraland!

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Celebrating 4 years in Decentraland!

Last week, Decentraland celebrated its 4th birthday since it’s public launch in 2020! Over the years, the community has flourished, transforming Decentraland into the vibrant world of creativity and innovation it is today. The excitement continues as Decentraland gears up for a major leap forward with work on a new, powerful desktop client. A future brimming with possibilities awaits—here’s to another eventful year together!

Multi-Chain Marketplace support has been expanded

In addition to Polygon and Ethereum, you can now make purchases in the Marketplace with currencies from a large number of other crypto-chains!

New tutorials for Emote creation: Add particles to your Emotes with ease!

Since the release of Emotes 2.0, Emotes can now have sounds and props, but did you know that they can also have particles? Confetti-like particles can be a lot of fun and add that extra visual spark to your Emotes and it turns out they can even speed up the animation process too! Learn how to incorporate them into your Emotes in the new Emote Particle documentation.


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