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Catch up on Decentraland Updates & New Features in the latest All Hands Community Session

The Decentraland Foundation is constantly at work to make Decentraland the best it can be. While a large part of the team is focused on building the new Desktop Client announced in Decentraland’s 2024 Manifesto, the most recent production cycle yielded a sizable number of releases.

Watch the latest All Hands session above to learn more about updates to the SDK and Web Editor, Marketplace, Places, and much more. Plus, keep a look out for the Foundation’s Quarterly Report in the next few weeks to learn even more details of what’s new and what’s coming next!

Video from @Sherrybeary111

Decentraland Art Week ‘24 is LIVE!

Decentraland’s 5th annual Art Week launched this week and it’s not over yet! There are still a number of events to look forward to, most notably the Awards Gala and afterparty happening tonight!

Centered on the theme of ‘exploration’, #DCLAW24 explores the concept of ‘art beyond reality’ through the work of 40+ featured artists. Exploring Art Plaza, you'll discover the infinite potential of art and creativity in a realm where virtual environments become journeys of discovery into new realities. Don’t wait any longer, jump in and explore 32 immersive MESHfair cubes and 8 new galleries!

As a part of this year’s Art Week, there are 4 exclusive items to collect if you check in every day and complete a short quest. Today is already day three, so don’t miss out! Jump in, explore reality-defying art, and claim some special Emotes & Wearables to remember the event.

Decentraland Art Week Events

Decentraland Events

Unleashed Eras Event Series - Launch Party and More

Organized by Facemoon Gallery as part of a Decentraland DAO grant, the Unleashed Eras Event Series launches Friday, March 29 with a party with music provided by DJ JeyJey and a free set of Wearables to claim.

The event series continues the following week with the first events from it’s ‘Roaring 20’s’ chapter, starting with a 1920s'-inspired party on April 3 (complete with Wearable giveaways!) and a 1920’s movie night on April 4.

Attend the launch party of this exciting event series and buckle up to take a ride though the decades of the past century!

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