Weekly Newsletter - March 7

Decentraland's first-ever Track Days, MESH artists revealed, community events, and more—see what's new in Decentraland!

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Metaverse Track Days are zooming into Decentraland

The first-ever Track Days event is about to take the metaverse by storm! Starting on March 14, the event will feature 4 days of racing to find the fastest ending with an incredible final event.

Dive into a world where speed meets style, and your racing skills can earn you exclusive Wearables. Collect points to buy each of the 5 Wearable pieces and complete your racing suit! Challenge yourself with 4 tracks of increasing difficulty and 3 cars to unlock, your skills will be the key to unlocking new levels and achieving the fastest lap times.

Conclude your journey with a big party on the 4th day, where the top 3 racers receive Gold, Silver and Bronze Wearables, prize money in 1000 MANA and the glory of being the fastest metaverse racers.

MESH Artists Selected

Decentraland Art Week, featuring the 3D VR Art Fair MESH is getting closer with everyday! Recently, the 30 artists that will be participating in MESH were selected by the event’s 15 curators. Learn more about them in the announcement tweet!


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