Weekly Newsletter - May 30

Catch up on Decentraland's first Community Summit, see the grand reveal of the new Desktop Client, and stay up to date with Decentraland Game Expo!

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Looking back at Decentraland’s Community Summit

The first-ever Decentraland Community Summit in Argentina was a huge success! Fueled by the excitement of the new Desktop Client reveal and set against the stunning backdrop of Argentina, the Summit was a wholesome celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the vibrant Decentraland community.

Witness the convergence of digital identities and real-world connections as passionate community members shared their insights, celebrated decentralization, and explored the boundless potential of Decentraland in the heartwarming recap of the Summit you can watch above.

To see more snapshots and insights from the Summit, check out Decentraland’s social feed!

Watch the reveal of Decentraland’s new Desktop Client

As announced in Decentraland’s 2024 Manifesto, the Foundation’s main focus this year has been the development of a new, performant Desktop Client. This new version of the Client is set to completely change the Decentraland experience as you know it, with improved performance, revamped graphics, and lots of new features.

Currently in alpha, the community got its first glance of the new Client at the Community Summit, which was also livestreamed into Decentraland. Discover what the future of Decentraland will look like for yourself by watching the recording of the presentation above and be prepared to be wowed!

If you want to catch up on all the important presentations from the first day of the Community Summit, you can find them on this playlist.

Decentraland’s first Game Expo, taking place from June 26-29, is getting closer and closer! Already, 6 Decentraland games have been chosen to be featured at the event—the ones shown above—each with their own display booth. In addition, 4 winning games of the DCLGX Game Jam will be featured on the festival grounds. If you’re participating in the Game Jam, be sure to submit your scene! The deadline for submitting is tomorrow, May 31. RSVP for Decentraland Game Expo below and save the date!


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