Wellness Week is starting! 🧘 Find your inner Zen in Decentraland.

Discover 3 days of over 40 live keynote sessions and events and 16 new experiences and interactive games from the community that present innovative ways to recharge, reset, and refocus.

Make new friends, explore diverse events, and spark your creativity in Decentraland, a virtual social world built and owned by its community.

Find Your Inner Zen at Wellness Week

Decentraland Wellness Week is here!

It’s time to recharge, reset, and refocus in Decentraland! The inaugural Wellness Week takes place in Decentraland from Wednesday, January 24-26 (but the first planned event starts at midnight UTC, so that may be Tuesday for those of you in the US!).

Decentraland’s newest festival explores health and well-being in the digital age, offering a mix of live keynote sessions, guided group meditations, and 16 new experiences & games built by the community and designed to help you nourish your physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Discover a breakdown of the 3-day event’s highlights right here in this newsletter or go straight to the source and dive into the Ultimate Guide to Decentraland Wellness Week for all the juicy details, such as the full event schedule, experience descriptions, keynote session summaries, and more.

Discover New Experiences

For the occasion of Decentraland Wellness Week, the community came together to build 16 new experiences and games focused on the topics of meditation, relaxation, and personal growth & development. Embark on a journey to find your inner Zen as you wander through the event’s mandala of thoughtfully-crafted 3D builds, pictured above.

The Monkey and the Moon by Cansy

Calm the waters of an interactive meditation pool inspired by Japanese painter Ohara Koson. In this immersive new experience by designer Cansy, you’ll first wander along a Zen garden path, surrounded by bamboo and artfully-arranged stones. As you walk deeper into the garden, you’ll engage in deeply mindful activities from creating spiral patterns in pebbles to participating in reflective tea ceremonies. Your journey will culminate in a meditative experience under the moonlight.

MetaParty Vibes Mesmerizing Meditation Space

Relax at The MetaParty Vibes Mesmerizing Meditation Space. More than just a digital retreat; “it's an immersive, interactive, and multi-sensory experience designed to transport you into a realm of digital tranquility.” This innovative 3D environment, a brainchild of developers Dogman and Rub_qbe from House of Tang, was brought to life under the artistic vision of streamer and community-host Bleace. In a blend of art and technology, the MetaParty Vibes Space features two specially designed Wearables. Join concerts, chats and specially-created immersive meditation performances at 6pm UTC (1pm EST) each day. 

Nirvana Oasis by OVA.DESIGN

Experience the unique floating architectural design of the Nirvana Oasis, an acoustic environment which transforms through kinetic movements within its spatial design. Specially crafted by architectural practice OVA to promote wellness, the build provides a serene sanctuary for mental rejuvenation and finding your inner balance. “Immerse yourself in the serene dance of stillness, where the soul floats weightlessly in the tranquil embrace of inner peace.”


Encounter “The Shard of the Silicon Sage”, a digital creation born from the infusion of ancient wisdom and visionary insights into the very fabric of artificial intelligence. It stands as your ethereal meta-guide within the Meditation Chamber. Be guided by The Sage through your synthetic three-level meditation journey to digital enlightenment.  Across three days of special events, you’ll experience a transformative journey from grounding to ascendance and finally to envisioning your digital destiny. This immersive experience is a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology with ancient wisdom, offering a unique exploration of wellness in the digital age. 

EncompassWell by Jo Edor

Discover EncompassWell's virtual outpost, a holistic haven guiding thousands in their well-being journey. Founded by Jo Edor, it offers a path to a balanced life through self-exploration. Explore features like a meditation sphere, zen garden, and a yoga room with exclusive PunkPink hoodie sets. Join the virtual Women's Circle on January 25, a collaborative event with FireFly Shire and VTATV, celebrating sisterhood and providing a safe space for women to connect and be empowered in Decentraland and beyond.

The Music Tower - Art Therapy Game by InceptionFun

Experience InceptionFun's The Music Tower, a Decentraland Wellness Week platform game utilizing Art Therapy to promote positive mental states. This game leverages the metaverse's potential for community and collaboration in Art Therapy. Players navigate by jumping across platforms, each activating a part of a musical composition, allowing for personalized music creation. An optional Art Therapist can guide and tailor the musical experience for players.

Mindful Reflection: The Metaverse Empty Chair Coaching Experience

Immerse yourself in a unique virtual experience crafted by architect Negar Hekmati, developer Pooya Panahandeh, and Master Certified Coach Iman Abrishamchi. This collaboration focuses on well-being and cognitive defusion, exploring the separation of inner voices from our true selves. The centerpiece, the Mindful Reflection Pavilion, is a twisted cube representing Hekmati's personal introspections. Each layer reflects different aspects of the designer's identity, forming a transparent, multidimensional structure. Part of the cube is intentionally deformed, symbolizing the overpowering negative internal voices. This space challenges visitors to introspect, paralleling the transformative coaching sessions hosted there.

The i2C Kelios Hub by Imagine to Create with Katka Salandova

Explore i2C Kelios Hub by Imagine to Create for insights into Kelios Coaching's performance techniques. This initiative focuses on enhancing performance visualization in virtual worlds. Kelios Coaching, grounded in neuroscience, challenges the traditional "NO PAIN NO GAIN" approach, offering daily sessions on overcoming fears to achieve peak performance.

Inner-Avatar Memory Trainer by Proteus

Explore the Inner-Avatar Memory Trainer for innovative metaverse methods to enhance memory. Designer Proteus emphasizes the significance of short, long, and the elusive mid-term memory. Unlike the rote training for short and long-term memory, mid-term memory requires exercises that minimize conscious interference. This Memory Trainer features advanced socio-technological tools, including N-Back techniques. Proteus advocates that metaverse platforms are ideal for delivering these exercises and motivating continuous engagement in memory improvement.

The Tower of Hope by Trollbot

Join the creation of the Tower of Hope, built from your positive energy! Enter the Vibe Calibrator to transform your good vibes into physical blocks used by vibengineers for construction. This innovative process turns hopeful feelings into tangible materials. Contribute your hopes, and while you're here, grab a free pair of Hug Gloves. Enjoy a group hug in the Hug Zone, and don't miss the Friday night Group Hug event for an even more profound cuddling experience.

A Little Rain Must: A 3D Experience by warrragwag 

A Little Rain Must is a snippet from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "The Rainy Day", where the complete line reads: "Into each life some rain must fall,". The building rises from the ground via stylised tree-like structures which seemingly carry huge boxes above them. Inside you’ll find four different rooms, each one with a button that recites a Metta mantra: May I be well. May I be peaceful. May I be at ease. May I be filled with loving kindness.

Serene Odyssey by Shashwat Prakhar

Visit Shashwat Prakhar's serene digital retreat, featuring a dynamic central sculpture, spatial audio, and interactive 3D art, designed for a personalized wellness journey. Experience binaural beats, dynamic lighting, and peaceful interactive elements. Additionally, join Shashwat, a young architect, for an in-world tour and discussion about the fusion of architecture and the metaverse. Learn how mindful design principles enhance virtual environments, prioritizing user well-being and interconnectedness, and explore the future of metaverse architecture in creating a mindful, sustainable digital world.

Zen Oasis Resort by virtual_dope 

Inspired by Zen and Buddhist principles, the Zen Oasis embodies simplicity, balance, and connection with nature. The structure is designed as “a visual testament to the marriage of traditional design and futuristic aesthetics”. The integration of soothing and simple color palettes combined with ambient candle lighting creates a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. Join others to take a bath and chill out in the elegant bath tubs, while you listen to the ambient sounds. It’s about tranquil ambiance, community and relaxation!

Just Checking In

Visit the Just Checking In station to claim a Wearable by checking in on how you’re feeling. This fun build is inspired by the philosòphy of Just Checking In, the mood-tracking app that helps you stay connected with your emotions and those who matter to you. With a simple daily check-in, you can track your mood, set reminders, and stay mindful of your emotional well-being.

Inner State by Oblinof 

Explore "Inner State," a virtual installation blending landscapes and binaural sounds for a meditative experience. Designed as a personal retreat, it fosters disconnection and introspection. The combination of visual elements and ambient sounds guides you on a self-exploratory journey. Participate in a group breathwork session for a transformative experience, where your breath harmonizes with specially crafted sound compositions, creating a deeply immersive sensory environment.

Wellness at Dhingia

Discover an installation exploring the interconnectedness of the human body with its surrounding environment. Join in for the group relaxation session to experience a tranquil relaxation session accompanied by the soothing sounds of Pelalex Music. The handpan music, masterfully played on an Equinox Handpan, creates a perfect ambiance for meditation, relaxation, yoga practice, massage, tea ceremonies, and more, enhancing the overall mood and experience.

Learn from Live Keynote Sessions

All live sessions will be streamed in-world at the Wellness Week Welcome Area (61, -61), but if you can’t be in-world or are away from your desk, you can also catch the talks via mobile on Decentraland LinkedIn & Twitter! This is just a sample of Wellness Week’s planned keynote sessions, so be sure to check out the Ultimate Guide to Wellness Week for the full list.

Keynote Panel: Nurturing Your Creativity and Resilience in an Increasingly Digital World

Wednesday, Jan 24 | 9pm UTC | RSVP | Jump In

In this Keynote Panel, experts will share ways in which you can build and nurture a sustainable creative practice, despite the increasing noise online. They will talk about how to maintain and improve your resilience as your creator, and how to use the digital world to keep inspired. Experts contributing to this panel:

Keynote Panel: Fostering Community and Meaningful Connection in Virtual Worlds

Thursday, Jan 25 | 7pm UTC | RSVP | Jump In

Learn how to create deep, impactful connections and foster a sense of belonging. This session offers practical strategies for nurturing interactive, supportive online communities, and showcases the potential of virtual worlds in bringing people together.

  • Shelley VanWitzenburg, Program Director for SpottieLand and TRU Band Room in Decentraland, Cofounder, Songbird Collective

  • HICeeCee, Artist, #MetaverseMonday Host & Community Builder

  • CK Bubbles, Nail Artist & Creative, Building a Beauty Interaction Company and Community

  • Kim Currier, Marketing Lead, Decentraland Foundation

Keynote Panel: Using Virtual Tools for Wellbeing and Mind-Body Connection

Thursday, Jan 25 | 9pm UTC | RSVP | Jump In

Learn from wellness experts as they share strategies for using digital technologies to enhance the mind-body connection. You'll explore the transformative power of virtual wellness practices, the role of digital tools in cultivating mindfulness, and how to integrate these technologies into your daily life for a more balanced, health-conscious digital reality. Experts contributing to this panel:

  • Eric Usher, Founder, Just Checking In, member of the NMSDC (National Minority and Development Council)

  • Katka Salandova, Sports Psychologist, Kelios Coaching

  • Chaired by Bay Backner, Producer, Decentraland Wellness Week

Keynote Interview: Make the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO) a Daily Practice

Friday, January 26 | 7pm UTC | RSVP | Jump In

Join us to hear Shira Lazar and Jordana Reim, co-authors of the JOMO Journal as they talk about their radical approach to happiness. For them, FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, “varies in intensity and occurrence for everyone. However, it never brings true joy”. Instead they aim to spread JOMO, the Joy of Missing Out,as a counter to FOMO. JOMO needs daily practice for sustainability and involves self-growth, emotional intelligence, and self-care. In this live interview you’ll hear practical ways to find balance in a fast-paced world and strategies for cultivating daily joy.

See you at the meditation circle!

Congratulations to all the creators and community members that had a part in bringing this inaugural event together! The Decentraland community can't wait to jump in on opening day and discover your immersive & interactive builds.

While you're in-world during Decentraland Wellness Week, don't forget to take snapshots of all your favorite builds, parties, and special moments to share them on Twitter with #DCLWW24. Don’t lose any more time, start planning your Wellness Week schedule!

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